Video Game Music: Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, & Platinum

Eterna Forest

Video game music composers have a huge imagination inside their minds from what I can say. As I introduce this interesting topic I’d love to share, I personally have listened to video game music for more than 10 years. The most memorable video game soundtrack would be no doubt about it: Eterna Forest from Pokemon. Released in September 28, 2006 by the most beloved game developer Game Freak, this particular version of Pokemon marked its way deep inside my memory lane with its lovely soundtracks yet difficult battles later in the game including the infamous Champion Cynthia battle with her 6 Pokemons Spiritomb, Garchomp, Milotic, Gastrodon, Lucario, and finally Roserade. When I first picked this game up at those times I was honestly skeptic as to how the gameplay was going to be after they intoduced the fourth generation of Game Freak’s Pokemon Pokedex. After all, generation 3 was by far one of the greatest through each creature’s design. However as I began to play through every single gym leader while discovering new routes, caves, & plains, I would start to feel the new difference compared to past Pokemon titles obviously knowing that Diamond & Pearl were released on the Nintendo DS. What added a bigger bonus was its mystical soundtrack.

Lake Theme

Take Lake Verity, Acuity, and Valor, also known as the Lake Trios; included a beautiful soundtrack when walking outside enjoying a jolly stroll. My God was this soundtrack so memorable… An enormous world can be created in my head by only thinking of this song playing! Of course, this is just a portable game to defeat until the end, however through every challenge that us gamers commenced between us and all the other AI Trainers, it still holds a place in our hearts every time we come across a melody composed directly into this magical title. Imagine fishing on a lake at night, afterwards you put in your earbuds and punch in the lake theme from either Diamond or Pearl, then goes an even more worthwhile trip as you continue to catch more crucian carps swimming beneath you. Lake theme is one of those type of soundtracks that I give a big big amount of thanks to the composers of Game Freak.

Imagine fishing on a lake at night, afterwards you put in your earbuds and punch in the lake theme from either Diamond or Pearl, then goes an even more worthwhile trip as you continue to catch more crucian carps swimming beneath you.

Pokemon League: Pokemon Diamond & Pearl

Second & last soundtrack I will share in this article would have to be the soothing, stress relieving piano melody of the great Pokemon League. Years ago before entering to go face to face with Champion Cynthia, came to this moment where you are standing idle outside of her League castle. Once you waterfall your way up to the top you once again meet with yet another beautiful piece of music composed by none other than Game Freak. The Pokemon League theme can make a grown man cry in minutes after taking a listen to this masterpiece. Not only that, you begin to think about either your childhood or teen-hood of when you would come home from school, finish your homework, after all the stressing time finishing your work you turn on your DS and enjoy living on another world filled with trainers who just want to get beaten by you due to your Pokemons being absolutely stronger than them! Tears are already coming down from my eye by thinking about my teen-hood with this melody! Despite the challenge between Cynthia and I, my journey with Pokemon Diamond & Pearl is engraved in my gaing history.

A true gamer not only rages and takes the strength to fight his/her way into the end of a game, although a true gamer also takes the time to listen to the game’s atmospheric melody while strolling down a field filled with either peaceful creatures or annoying enemies who only want to see you rage even more. I can make a few honorable mentions to some more soundtracks within this memorable game. Route 216 near on your way to Snowpoint City (Also a really soundtrack when walking in that city) where Regigigas is standing idle inside a temple alongside the Snowpoint gym leader whos Pokemons are so easy to beat down, Jubilife City where its jazzy melody just makes you want to dance in a late night cafe, and finally, my most favorite: Eterna City! Just outside of Eterna Forest, You are greeted with a countryside vibe where you feel so much at home once listening to the calming sounds of Eterna City. You can already imagine the civilians living inside that city loving the atmosphere and such relaxing energy floating around. Make sure you receive your bycicle on your way there though! As an intro to my article writing in video game music, I’d like to finalize this by stating how much I love listening to gaming soundtracks in general. I jam to each of them during driving, studying, blogging, the list goes on & on. To the readers who discover this wonderful article; I shall continue to blog about my favorite soundtracks within the gaming universe, as to there are still yet hundreds more that I can plan to write about. That being said, my number one will forever be the fourth generation of the Pokemon World. Diamond, Pearl, & Platinum.

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